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Ray Gomes

Serial Entrepreneur - Best Selling Author - Top Sales Growth Consultant

In 2022, Ray achieved these honors within Cutco:

  • Top Cutco Sales Professional in Southwest Florida

  • #7 Premier Cutco Sales Professional in Florida United Division

  • #24 Premier Cutco Sales Professional in the Eastern Region

  • #80 Premier Cutco Sales Professional in the Nation

  • 2nd consecutive year: Standard of Excellence honoree

  • 2nd consecutive year: Elite Cutco Sales Professional honoree

  • President's Club Award 

Get Ray's Help Step By Step


Cutco Home Owners

Ray is a 14 year Cutco veteran and one of the Top Cutco Consultants in the country. Click below to:

  • Shop Cutco Online

  • Schedule an in-home sharpening

  • Send your knives back for repair


Virtual Sales Growth

Whether you are an individual consultant or the leader of a sales team, closing sales virtually is much more challenging than in person. I became more efficient and grew my business during the COVID-19 era, and I'm sharing those strategies to help you continue to pivot your business.


Service Events

Learn where Ray will be hosting service events for Cutco owners


Cutco for Business

See how branded gifts can increase your client retention and referrals

Click below for:

  • Cutco Business catalog

  • Promotional catalog

  • Get a quote online

Hear what others are saying about Ray Gomes

Ray has shown me the idea of gifting in business... you can give anything to anyone, but if you don't get remembered then it really doesn't matter.
- JT Foxx, World's #1 Business & Wealth Coach

Laura Sargeant knows Cutco means quality

This couple is dynamite! You can't beat them. 
- Jill Luke, Mayor of North Port, FL

Celebrities That Ray Knows, Has Interviewed, or Has Done Business With

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