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Get Your Cutco Sharpened by the Knifest Guy in Town

I'm proud to offer my clients 2 options to get their Cutco serviced.

1. Click the button below for instructions to send your Cutco back to the factory in Olean, NY. By using my link, Cutco will know that you met me, a certified Cutco Professional, and will link your service request to me.

2. Fill out the form below to get on our local sharpening list. When we're in your area, we will notify you about our sharpening schedule.

Fill out the form below for SWFL Local Knife Sharpening with Ray Gomes

What days are best for you for service?

Success! I'm looking forward to helping you.

What to expect at a knife sharpening with Ray Gomes:

  • You will have a private 1-1 appointment so that my team and I can give you individual attention

  • We will inspect your Cutco for damage

  • We will hand sharpen what we can on the spot; some products may require factory resharpening to perform their best

  • We walk you through the process of getting a repair/replacement item from the Cutco factory

  • We will have display items for you to browse and shop in a relaxed environment

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