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Everyone wants to buy,

but no one wants to be sold to

7 steps to master virtual sales - cover.
Are you ready to effectively find people who need your services, get them excited about working with you, and have them come on board? 
Take the first step by downloading Ray's blueprint: 7 Steps to Making Virtual Sales

Ray Gomes is a master at making you stand out, taking you from the ocean of sameness to the lake of distinction. If you want to be successful, do what no one else is doing. His creative strategies have allowed him to get endorsed and interview people like 

  •  Jillian Michaels, the #1 fitness entrepreneur in the world

  • Bruce Buffer, the voice of the UFC 

  • JT Foxx, the World's #1 Business & Wealth Coach

Now it’s your turn to become memorable, stand out, and sell more with Ray Gomes.

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See what Ray's clients say about his coaching

Ray's coaching helped Danielle go from making $30k a year to $70k a year

William recommends getting coaching with Ray

Celebrities That Ray knows, Has Interviewed, or Has Done Business With

Ray has shown me the idea of gifting in business... you can give anything to anyone, but if you don't get remembered then it really doesn't matter.

- JT Foxx

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