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Do you believe that you’ll be struggling with depression for the rest of your life? Many people believe that depression is the beginning of the end, a life-sentence of misery. However, The Mindset Principle shows you how Ray Gomes, one man with minimal resources and a mind of faith, was able to overcome his depression and turn his life around. His wife, Cara Gomes, lends her perspective on the amazing story of their meeting, his fall into depression and attempted suicide, and his recovery in the span of 8 months. From the inspiration of this raw and honest story, Ray guides readers to:

  • Examine what beliefs are holding them in depression

  • Identify their drive in life

  •  Create goals to help them grow their lives

By the end of The Mindset Principle, you’ll have the inspiration and concrete steps to defy the norm, shift your thinking, and move forward into the life you want.  

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