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Ray will show you how to generate more leads to fill your 2024 pipeline

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Working from a homeless kid who had to learn how to get referrals for appointments and survive, Ray Gomes knows how to effectively get results. As he nears 1 million in career sales, he would like to share some of his approaches and strategies with his clients so that they can be prepared to achieve their vision for 2024.


What to expect on Jan 23rd Coaching Call

  • Actionable steps to better market, brand, and generate warm leads for your business

  • Tips on getting the most out of your Cutco Gifts

  • Bring your listings to share across SWFL and Ft Lauderdale

  • We will be inviting some of our investor partners who you can network with

Celebrities That Ray knows, Has Interviewed, or Has Done Business With

Ray has shown me the idea of gifting in business... you can give anything to anyone, but if you don't get remembered then it really doesn't matter.

- JT Foxx

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